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Isabela, a city kissed by the sun, caressed by the warm Atlantic waters, naturally landscaped by lush green and a kaleidoscope of wild tropical flowers on the hilly side.  We invite visitors to explore its natural treasures, participate in the town’s cultural events and enjoy the energy of local activities.  Coastal scenery, sun-bleached stucco gleaming against the sapphire sky, intense color and scented breezes await.

At the center of Isabela, visitors can visit the colorful and charming town, featuring the traditional plaza, the historic Catholic church, relaxed cafés, restaurants and government offices.  Most visitors head to the coast to explore Isabela’s beaches, beachfront restaurants and water activities.

History dates back to the early 1700’s.  Isabela’s first Spanish settlement was San Antonio de la Tuna, be sure to schedule a tour or visit the ruins.

Quick Facts - Isabela, Puerto Rico

  • Name:  This municipality is named Isabela in honor of the Queen Isabella I.
  • Where is Isabela?: Isabela is part of the Porta del Sol tourist region, on the northwest of Puerto Rico.  Along the coastal valley, Isabela has the town of Aguadilla and Quebradillas as neighbors.  On the verdant hills, Isabela is neighbor to the towns of San Sebastian and Moca.
  • Land Area: About 56 square miles / 238.2 Km
  • Barrios: Isabela is divided into barrios:Arenales Altos, Arenales Bajos, Bajuras, Bejucos, Coto, Galateo Alto, Galateo Bajo, Guayabos, Guerreros, Jobos, Llanadas, Mora, Planas y Pueblo.
  • Population: Average of 50,000 residents.
  • Tourism Information Office: 787) 872-2100 ext: 1201/ 1204. Office located on the first floor of Casa Alcaldía.  See the map below for its location.
  • Hospital: (787) 872-2100 – See location on map below.
  • Police Station: (787) 872-2020 – See location on map below.
  • Post Office:  See location on map below.

Festivals & Events in Isabela

Events & Festivals in Isabela, Puerto Rico - Isabela tiene Sabor

For dates and more information please call 787-872-2100, 787-872-6400, 787-872-1034

  • Fiesta de Reyes – January
  • Festival del Tejido – Art exhibits of needlecraft, music, food and family fun. – May
  • Festival en Honor al Santo Patrón San Antonio de Padua / Isabela Patron Saint Festival – Music, games. – June
  • Festival del Tango – June
  • Festival de la Virgen del Carmen – July
  • Natalicio Manuel Corchado y Juarbe – September
  • Isabela tiene Sabor – November (due to elections, it took place in October this year)
  • Yuca Festival – Held at the Plaza de los Festivales, come for great food made with Yucca, music and local art crafts. – October
  • Encendido Navideño – (Christmas Lighting) – November
  • Classic and Antique Auto Show – Plaza de los Festivalea – November
  • Festival de los Santos Inocentes – December

A Few Photos Around Isabela

Map of Tourism Office, Police Station, Hospital & Post Office

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Tourist Information - Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Tourism Office (inside Mayor\'s Office) - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.501353, -67.023752
Post Office - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.500163, -67.024391
Police Station - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.498881, -67.022567
Hospital - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.489998, -67.025818

Puerto Rico > Isabela, Puerto Rico > About Isabela, PR

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