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A perfect shallow pool can be found at Montones, evidence that Nature is an excellent architect.  Out of all the natural pools in Isabela, Montones is the largest, with the added enticement of a restaurant right on the beach along with beachfront accommodations.  What could be more perfect for a beach vacation? Direct access makes this beach one of the most family friendly vacation spots.

Surprisingly, Montones is still relatively unknown to tourists so the crowd is mostly local and only visited on  weekends.  Couples and beach lovers seeking a quiet retreat from busy-ness will find Montones rather vacant during weekdays from Fall to late Spring.

During normal weather, Montones holds the shallowest beach in Isabela, making it a favorite for families with toddlers and young children.  During bad weather and stormy weather, the water gets deeper and the strong waves coming in which may make it unsafe for children to be in the water.

The Water – Playa Montones (Montones Beach)


The tidal pools are perfect for small children to play safely in the water.  Many of the Isabela beaches are best for long walks, sunbathing,  or water-watching rather than swimming so Montones is a welcome haven for ocean-lovers who wish to spend their time in the water. For others who like to kick back and just watch the sea in its glory, the enjoyment of colors, cool waters, warm sun, and creamy waves will likely meet expectations.


The beach


A sandy isthmus connects the two very distinct beaches of Montones.  As the widest area of sandy beach, this is the best spot to view the narrow shoreline in either direction.  Parador Villas del Mar Hau and private residences face the beach.

This is in ideal venue to watch surfers on the water as they ride the waves.

The Wall at Montones


This natural wall prevents the strongest surf from rushing in.  To the west of Montones, the beach is used by surfers, bodyboarders and windsurfers, but it’s not recommended for swimming due to the currents.  It is best to save the swimming for the shallow tidal pool.

The Vibe at Montones Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico


Facilities at Playa Montones, Isabela, Puerto Rico

As with many of the Isabela beaches, there are no lifeguards at Montones. Visitors swim at their own risk.  Locals are very friendly and they’re known to help when others are in need.

No bathrooms are present at Montones.  There are bathrooms at the hotel so you may want to take a mid-day break for lunch at the restaurant and perhaps use the restaurant restroom.


Beachfront hotel at Montones Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Imagine waking up to the sights of the Atlantic, walking down a few steps and having access to the beautiful landscape of Montones.  Parador Villas del Mar Hau is one of the best Paradores in Puerto Rico at a great value for families, groups of friends and even honeymooners seeking for a dreamy beachfront accommodation.

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A few more scenes at Playa Montones, Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Directions to Playa Montones, Parking & Map

This beach area is narrow so if you come during the summer months, holidays or weekends, it may feel more crowded. Weekdays are best if you prefer a more private beach experience.

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Playa Montones (Montones Beach) - Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Playa Montones (Montones Beach) - Isabela, Puerto Rico 18.514081, -67.064946 A beautiful family-friendly beach great for kids and snorkeling too!  There is access along PR 466 at Km markers 9 and 9.7.  There is a lot more street parking available at Km marker 9.(Directions)
Directions: There are 2 access roads along PR 466.  One at Km marker 9 (more parking along the street but with a longer walk east to the best area) and at Km marker 9.7 (alot less parking but an easier and shorter walk).

Puerto Rico >  Isabela Puerto Rico > Isabela Puerto Rico Beaches > Playa Montones / Montones Beach

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