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Things to do in Isabela, Puerto Rico - Porta del Sol

Isabela is one of the most special towns in the region of Porta del Sol, clean, safe, beautiful, with a fantastic coastline, rivers, forest, caves, underwater caves, coral reefs, trails to explore, a charming colorful town and a majestic golf course.   Here you can do a number of activities both in land and on the water to keep an active person busy for a full week.  On the water, Isabela is well-known for year round surfing, unique diving sites, snorkeling during summer months, boogie boarding and wind surfing.  The beautiful Guajataca River is excellent for kayaking, paddle boarding (SUP) and tubing. The mountains offer miles of hiking trails and cave exploration.  Land offers cyclists a safe trail along the beautiful coastline leading to gorgeous beaches and you can’t leave Isabela without horseback riding on the beach.

Isabela is a great central location to enjoy the many other activities available in nearby towns of Porta del Sol, the mountains and interesting places along the north. attention and admiration around the world.

Surfing in Isabela

Isabela rivals the nearby town of Rincon, but many locals argue that Isabela is much better because the surf is good all…year…round.  Beginners are encouraged to schedule lessons with friendly experienced surfing pros that will also teach on surfing the waters of Isabela safely.

Golfing in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Golfing - Things to do in Isabela, Puerto Rico / Porta del Sol

Isabela has been mostly known for its surfing beaches, but with the creation of Golf Links at Royal Isabela, this town will soon boast to be home of one of the best and well planned golf courses in the Caribbean.  Golf Links sits on top of the most breathtaking cliff top of Isabela, overlooking the Atlantic, with a design inspired by the natural contours of the land.  Isabela is a golfing destination unlike no other in Puerto Rico, quickly gaining attention and admiration around the world.

Explore the beaches of Isabela

Explore the beaches of Isabela - Things to do

With such a gorgeous coastline, exploring the beaches of Isabela ought to be on your vacation itinerary.  This coastal town was blessed with a long stretch of beaches, each with its own character.  Winding roads with narrow dirt road entrances lead to breathtaking spots of beaches protected by cliffs with an endless show by the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean waves.  Explore the beaches of Isabela, Puerto Rico.

Scuba Diving in Isabela

Porta del Sol offers exciting adventures for scuba divers, Isabela offers divers an opportunity to explore the caverns of the Blue Hole.  It is advised to schedule a tour with a local professional guide who know the caverns well, Open Water certification is required.  There are various scuba shops that offer a variety of Padi Recreational Certifications.  Beyond Isabela, world-class diving adventures await on the towns of Guanica, Lajas, Mona Island, Desecheo Island, Aguadilla.

Snorkeling in Isabela

Bring your snorkel gear and your whole family to experience the magic and wonder of a tropical under water world.  Isabela’s unique natural pools offer small children a safe place to learn how to snorkel, best and safest snorkeling conditions is during summer.  Playa El Pastillo is a good snorkeling spot during summer months only.  The reefs at Shacks are very interesting with views of the caverns deep below.

Horseback Riding in Isabela, Puerto Rico

You walked the beaches, you admired the breathtaking landscape from your lounge chair…exploring the shores by horse will give you a totally different perspective.  Horseback riding on the beach is a therapeutic activity, the beauty of the scenery, the gentle sounds of the ocean, the cooling breeze caressing your skin and the sound of horses galloping on the sand will erase all your cares away.  When you get back home, you can close your eyes and re-live the experience. Whether you’re celebrating love or spending quality time with the whole family, you’ll cherish the experience forever.

Hiking in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Hiking - Things to do in Isabela, Puerto Rico / Porta del Sol

The unique landscape of Isabela’s coastline makes it a wonderful destinations for long hikes / walks on the beach.  The Guajataca Tunnel offers a nice trail along the shore and through a historic path where the railroad used to chug along.

High up in the lush mountains, you can explore the trails of Bosque Estatal Guajataca (Guajataca State Forest).  The whole family can enjoy hiking through interpretive trails where you can learn about the native flora, and visit a cave.  The trail is shady, the temperature is cooler and the only sounds you’ll hear are birds singing and breeze moving through the lush tropical foliage.



The Guajataca River is a wonderful place to take the whole family for a kayaking adventure.

Bicycling, walking and jogging

Bicycling - Things to do in Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela is one of the top destinations in Puerto Rico for bicycling.  The town did a great job creating a coastal trail with marvelous views and plenty of great stops at beaches and places to eat.  Paseo Lineal is a safe place to enjoy quality time with loved ones embraced by the natural beauty of Isabela.

Shopping in Isabela, PR

Should you desire a break from the beach, need groceries at a supermarket, or just feel like shopping for whatever, you can do so in Isabela.  Venture into the town square, a very safe area, park free on the street, and walk around the surrounding blocks to visit local clothing and jewelry shops, pharmacies, and the Plaza de Mercado (farmer’s market) where you’re certain to find something you need.  Or, head further south to the Plaza Isabela shopping mall, at the intersection of PR Routes 2 and 4470, where you’ll find U.S. “chain” stores and restaurants.  Please reference the map below and zoom in to see names of stores in the aforementioned areas.

Map Locations of Things to Do in Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Where to do Activities - Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Snorkeling the Blue Hole - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.516484, -67.099275
Bicycling between Jobos and Montones Beaches - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.513123, -67.070429
Bicycle Path between Montones and Middles Beaches - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.514142, -67.050591
Bicycle Path between Middles & Sardineras Beaches - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.508516, -67.027845
Hiking to Cueva (Cave) del Viento - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.412882, -66.975279
Scuba Diving at the Blue Hole - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.516787, -67.101268
Golfing - Royal Isabela Golf Resort - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.495859, -66.987585
Horseback Riding - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.512371, -67.100716
Surfing at Playa Middles - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.515586, -67.040634
Kayaking - Guajataca River, Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.487912, -66.957679
Downtown Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.499990, -67.022556
Surfing at Playa Jobos - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.516197, -67.078471
Surfing at Playa Sardineras (Villa Pesquera) - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.511069, -67.024999
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Dining Areas & Places to Eat and Shop - Isabela, Puerto Rico

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Jobos Beach Restaurant Area - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.513002, -67.077649
Playa Shacks Beach Access Road Area - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.511619, -67.096875
Food Stand at Playa Montones (Beach) - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.513697, -67.064573
Villa Pesquera (Food/Drink Village), Playa Sardineras - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.508292, -67.022878
Downtown Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.499990, -67.022556
Dining at the Royal Isabela Golf Resort - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.493454, -66.990223
Dining at Villa Montaña Beach Resort - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.512814, -67.103195
Shopping at Plaza Isabela: 18.469321, -67.023565
Shopping in Downtown Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.500727, -67.022063
Dining - PR Route 2 & Plaza Isabela: 18.468863, -67.028790
Supermercados (Supermarket) - Isabela, Puerto Rico: 18.493763, -67.026571
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